Welcome to the Team - Juan-Marc Johannes

Welcome to the Team - Juan-Marc Johannes



Jean-marc has managed to overcome many obstacles in his early life whilst growing up on the Cape Flats.

From a medical condition that prevented him from engaging in sporting activity, to dealing with limited resources to pursue a professional career in skateboarding, Jean-marc rose above the challenges.

He has managed to inspire his community and nation through his bravery to defy the odds and become one of Africa’s foremost skateboarders.

Having already broken 6 Guinness World Records, to becoming South Africa’s first and only professional global Olympic skateboarder, the journey has only just begun for the athlete who now serves as a beacon of encouragement for many aspiring athletes no matter their circumstances, to conquer the world.



Date of birth: 19/11/1990

Residence: Athlone. Cape Town

Status: Professional

RESULTS OF 2018 TO 2020

Highest ranked Cape Town Athlete in the World for Olympic Skateboarding.
The Chairman’s Sports Award 2018. First Skateboarder to be recognised by Sports 
council awards.

  • South Africa ranking: 1st. by ESA Media.
  • FISE World series AM 2016. China: First SA international 1st place Gold.
  • FISE World Series AM 2017. China: First SA international 2nd place Silver.
  • Pro International Games Indonesia 2018: First SA international 3rd place Bronze.
  • 4 time World Record holder, 2017 - 2019.
  • Official Street League skateboarding Global open Olympic season selected athlete - 2019.2020.
  • 6th Guinness World record broken.
  • 1st Place Ministry of Indonesia Sports Global online series. •


Beginning skateboarding at the age of ten years old in Cape Town’s Cape Flats led to entering and winning his first Pro/Am open event at the age of eleven. Continuing to pursue his passion for skateboarding allowed him to rank in South Africa’s Top ten at the age of 15 years old and recently bringing home South Africa’s first ever Gold, Silver and Bronze international medals consecutively since 2016 to date, as well as breaking four Guinness world records putting Jean-marc in the national history museum of Sport in France and inducted for a lifetime record in the World Records Academy for breaking a 13 year streak set by Rob Dyrdek. Now as the first skateboarder in Africa to win the 2018 Chairman’s Sports Award for Skateboarding by the Western Cape Government. Jean-marc will represent South Africa at the World Cup events, Indonesian Series and FISE world series of 2019, after being granted an official World Skate athlete wild card to compete in the Olympic season of Street League Global open 2019/2020.





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