Cold Brew Coffee Protein Shake

Cold Brew Coffee Protein Shake
Hmmm…. Coffee 😍⁠

Looking for a quick pick me up, packed full of protein? Try our cold brew coffee shake from the Raw Sport Kitchen. Made with Raw Sport’s Elite Repair or Repair Protein, you can take this slow and savour the process, or make it on the go for a tasty boost.⁠

✔️Any Raw Sport Elite Repair or Repair Protein ⁠
✔️Plant-based milk (we ❤️ @olaokjaOat Milk)⁠
✔️Favourite coarse ground coffee⁠

Good things come to those who wait… overnight. 😜🌙⁠

In a large jug, add 1 cup of coffee, 4 cups of filtered water, stir and leave covered in the fridge. The next day, strain the coffee through filter paper (you can keep the coffee in the fridge and use it over a few days).⁠

To make your shake, blend ⅓ cup of coffee with 1 scoop Raw Sport Elite Repair/Repair Protein, ½ cup plant-based milk, ½ cup water, and ice. In a rush? Substitute the cold-brewed coffee for leftover coffee and enjoy!⁠

Sound delicious? Try it for yourself and don’t forget to tag us #rawsportkitchen on Instagram.⁠

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