Online Bodyweight Workouts

We’ve partnered with The Movement Empire - a new Online Bodyweight Workout Platform. Think of it as a Personal Trainer in your pocket.

Join the world's most immersive Online Bodyweight Workout Experience, here's what you get:

        • Your own Personal Training Program (3 Workouts per Week)
        • Everything tailored to YOUR Fitness Level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)
        • Led by a Team of World Class Personal Trainers
        • You wont train alone, you get your own Training Partner at your Fitness Level
        • No Equipment Needed
        • You get to workout whenever, wherever you want
        • If you happen to miss a workout, don't worry it will be waiting for you
        • Redo your favourite workouts, which are always available to you in your archive library
        • Amazing lifestyle content on healthy eating & living
        • GO check out their Free 1 Week Trial
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      Below are a series of FREE WORKOUTS for you to do whenever or wherever brought to you by:

      The "Front Row" with Steven Kitshoff

      The JeannieD Superstar Workout

      The Couples Workout

      The SelfLove Workout with Siv Ngesi & Janez Vermeiren

      Giving Back Love with Shashi Naidoo

      TME Beginner Day 1

      TME Intermediate Day 1

      TME Advanced Day 1